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Termite & Pest Inspection Training for Professional Inspectors

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(WDI) Wood Destroying Insect & (CPI) Comprehensive Pest Inspection training for Professional Inspectors

We offer a proven WDI & CPI certification training program for professional inspectors that enables you to become a Technician and begin performing WDI inspections usually within 60 days.

Our program started in 2010 and we have trained over 300 inspectors in Texas. We have offices and training programs in Houston, DFW, Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Dont be fooled by the pretenders who will put your license at risk by operating illegally.

We offer basic to advanced training online, in the classroom, and hands on in the field.

We offer basic General Standards training (20 Hours), WDI/CPI specific training (8 hours), WDI/CPI Biology (10 Hours), WDI/CPI legal forms & rules (10 hours), an intense powerpoint slideshow series covering the WDI form, The Scope, How to do a WDI inspection and how to complete the form (10 hours) and hands on inspecting, graphing and completing of state forms (10 hours).

We also perform the TDA 6 hour Technician Training course which is a mandatory class prior to taking the Technician exam. This is included in your basic tuition.

We have developed the best online WDI/CPI report processing system in the industry which is exclusive to WDIsolutions.com. This system will not allow the inspector to fill out the form incorrectly. It flags any mistakes, omissions or errors. All our reports are fully digital and graphs are imported.

We have a treatment division to support your reports and recommendations. Your clients and their Realtors are looking for solutions. Bugstop is one of the most advanced Termite and Pest treatment companies in the industry.

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Training Schedule

Our training program for home inspectors consist of a combination of online, classroom and field training. You will complete 28 hours online in general standards. Next you will complete another 20 hours on specific WDI training online followed by a 6 hour mandatory Technician training class in person. Next you will attend a 6 hour WDI certification class given in each market. Finally your field trainer will work directly with you in the field inspecting, graphing houses and filling out the forms.

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